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  Tuesday Lower Body (Heavy)

A Barbell Glute Bridge

Alternative Exercise: DB Glute Bridge

SetsxReps@Rest: 3x10-12@75s

Tempo: Up fast. Pause for 1 second at the top. Down for 1 second. (See video)

Set Notes

  • Perform 2 warm up sets.
  • Straight set scheme:
  • Same weight for all work sets. Get a good pump. 1-2 reps shy of failure.


  • Load a barbell and use a pad or towels so there is a soft contact against hips.
  • Roll barbell over hips and place feet flat on the floor, pulled up close to your hips.
  • Breath into belly and brace abs.
  • Thrust into bar - raise and tuck the hips, squeezing glutes hard at the top for 1 second.
  • Lower and repeat.

B Goblet Squat

SetsxReps@Rest: 3x8@2 minutes

Tempo: 3 seconds down. Pause. Fast up. (See video)

Set Notes

  • Perform 2-3 warm up sets.
  • Ramping set scheme:
  • Go a little heavier each set until just shy of failure on the last work set.


  • Deadlift a heavy DB onto the edge of an incline bench.
  • Grip the outside of the DB, keeping the wrists straight and elbows tucked.
  • Take a deep breath into your belly, brace abs and pull your body down slowly, keeping the chest up.
  • Pause at the bottom - thighs just shy of parallel to the ground.
  • Drive up through your heels.
  • Exhale. Take a deep breath. Repeat.

C DB Split Squat

SetsxReps@Rest: 3x8@1 minute

(Do 1 leg. Wait a minute. Do the other leg. Repeat in this fashion until all sets are completed)

Tempo: 2 seconds down. Pause just off the floor. Fast up. Repeat.

Set Notes

  • Perform 2 warm up sets.
  • Straight set scheme:
  • Same weight for all work sets, all 1-2 reps shy of failure.


  • Use straps if necessary.
  • Start in a 1/2 kneeling position.
  • Lean shoulders forward and hinge the hips. We want a forward angle of the torso NOT an upright torso. This keeps the load firmly in the front hip.
  • Press up through your front foot.
  • Perform your reps with this forward lean and a near vertical shin.
  • Stay on the ball of your back foot with very light pressure at all times - the purpose of this leg is purely for balance, not to help with the effort.

D Landmine RDL

SetsxReps@Rest: 3x10@90s

Tempo: 2 second down. 1 second up. (See video)

Set Notes

  • Perform 2 warm up sets.
  • Straight set scheme:
  • Same weight for all work sets, all 1-2 reps shy of failure.


  • Use a landmine attachment or wedge a bar into a corner.
  • Stand over the weight, heels in-line with the end of the bar.
  • Grab the bar with interlaced fingers.
  • From the top - shift the hips back and tilt your tailbone up to 'hinge' the hips (this is a back and forward motion, not down and up)
  • Maintain a slight knee bend only as you lower the bar.
  • At end range you should feel a stretch in the hamstrings. Drive the hips forward and tuck the tailbone.
  • Squeeze glutes hard.

E Standing Calf Raise

(2 Options are given. See Video)

SetsxReps@Rest: 3x10@60s

Tempo: 2 second down. 2 second pause. 1 second up. 2 second pause.

Set Notes:

  • Perform 2 warm up sets.
  • Straight set scheme.
  • Perform all work sets 1-2 reps shy of failure.


  • As you lower down, think about pulling the toes toward your shin.
  • As you rise up, press through the base of your big toe and think about pulling the heel up.

Core 1 - RKC Plank

SetsxReps@Rest: 3x20-30seconds@30s


  • Start in a plank position - hand over first.
  • Rather than hang out this position, I want you to drive your elbows down hard into the matt along wit the balls of your feet. This will increase tension through the anterior core.
  • Hold strongly for 20-30 seconds with as much tension as you can create.

Core 2 - Side Plank

SetsxReps@Rest: 3x30-60seconds@30s


  • Grab a DB (somewhere around 5-10kg should work).
  • Hold a side plank with the top arm straight and the down elbow directly beneath the shoulder.
  • Make sure there is a perfect straight line from ankles - hips - shoulders.