Understand The Programming (Must Read)

Before you start any workout, make sure that you perform the respective upper or lower body warm up. Find this in the warm up section.

You'll be pleased to know that once you click on a workout, you will find everything in one place. No links. The videos are all embedded and you simply scroll down from one exercise to the next.

Each individual exercise will be displayed using a 'letter system'. For example:

A Glute Bridge

B Squat

C Cable pull through


In this case, you would simply complete all the reps and sets of exercise A: Glute bridge. Then move onto exercise B: Squat and complete the workout in this manner.

Super-sets will be displayed with numbers after the letter:

A1, A2 or B1, B2. etc.

For example:

A Facepulls

B1 DB Bench Press

B2 Chest supported Rows

C Chin ups.

In this instance, you would complete all sets of the facepulls first then perform B1 and B2 as a super-set. Complete one set for the DB Bench press. Rest for the prescribed time. Complete one set for the chest supported rows. Rest for the prescribed time. And repeat in this fashion until all sets are complete. Then you would move on to the C exercise - chin ups. So watch out for the numbers at the end of the letter, which indicate a super set should be performed. Super sets are a very common feature of this program.

Each exercise will be displayed in the following way - I will use the DB row as an example. The red notes are purely for your understanding here. It will look a lot more concise within the workouts.

C DB Row

Top line displays the exercise name and order within the workout.

[email protected]: [email protected]

Th above line would indicate 3 sets of 8 reps with 60 second rest between sets. Important to note, 3 WORKING sets. This does not include the warm up sets which are recommended below.

Tempo: 3 seconds down. 1 second up. 1 second pause at the top. (See video)

A brief overview of 'tempo'. The video for each exercise will give you visual demonstration of this also.

Set Notes

  • Perform 2-3 warm up sets.
  • Ramping set scheme:
  • Go a little heavier each set until just shy of failure on the last work set.

The above set notes tell you a little bit more information about the working sets. Whether Its a straight set, ramp up set or there is an intensity technique to perform such as a drop set.

Form Notes

  • One knee on the bench and sit the hips back slightly.
  • Straight leg should have toes in-line with the opposite knee - slight knee bend.
  • Support arm is straight and back is perfectly flat.
  • Pull the DB back to the hip crease and contract the lats strongly - elbow should finish in-line with the torso and shoulder back (scapula retraction)
  • Reach forward under control to get a good stretch through the back.
  • Repeat.

A brief description of form which provide useful cues to ensure proper technique.

Below is a video of the exercise . There is no sound. It 's purpose is to provide a quick reference so you can get a visual of the exercise set up and proper execution.